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This Module is designed to help you keep what is yours and out of the hands of creditors and their hired guns, debt collectors.


Module One of the Collections Shield™ is an action step. Included in this module is protection from seizure of real and personal assets, as well as resources and assistance needed to delay and forestall creditors’ attempts to enforce “legal remedies” against you; enabling you to take charge of your financial well being.

In the normal course of business, most banks will charge off accounts within six months, selling them in bulk to collection agencies. These agencies are normally difficult to deal with and your task is often overwhelming without the best professional assistance. Beginning with frequent collection phone calls and what we call "nasty-grams", creditors relentlessly harass and pursue defenseless victims of our free market system. A primary tactic is to bully debtors into paying. Creditors generally do not want to go to court but will do so when there is perception of collectability.

Your Collections Shield wards off these advances, convincing creditors of your uncollectability. We do 95% of this initial work for you, freeing you to do what is important in your life. Module One of the Collections Shield™ is the front line of protection for those receiving collection notices by mail or phone calls from creditors. Stopping this harassment, unwanted phone calls or collectors’ "nasty grams", is now a step away.

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Don’t give up your assets to a debt collector. Join the Collections Shield today! Call 1-800-694-8180 now.

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