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Credit Restoration

This Module is designed to help you restore your good credit once you have dealt with your creditors once and for all.


The credit bureaus are obligated to correct inaccuracies when these are proven to them, but they're not held responsible for the financial damage these inaccuracies can cause people before they're corrected. Even people who don't want to borrow money can be damaged by inaccuracies in their credit reports.

This is because insurance companies use credit reports to approve applications and renewals. They may deny or raise premium rates based on what's in a credit report -- which many people don't know. Many employers pull credit reports on employees they're considering for promotions, especially highly responsible positions involving money. Negative events on a credit report may cause a person to be turned down for a job, lose a promotion, or even be terminated. Yet, if these problems are caused by an inaccurate entry in a person's credit report, all they can do is have the bureaus correct it.

Until recently, responsible credit-management advice to debtors was limited to improving their future credit scores. Always pay on time. Pay more than the minimum if possible but never any less. Pay balances down to low levels… and so on. And, what about past mistakes? What if the debtor has a bankruptcy, foreclosure, repos-session, tax lien, judgment, or other highly negative event on their record? “Wait”, they are told. Just . . . "wait." It will drop off in seven years (ten years if a Chapter 7 bankruptcy). Even simple late payments hurt credit scores for seven years. This is all good advice, as far as it goes. What if there were responsible and effective ways for debtors to avoid waiting 10% of their lifespan before the world stops holding their past credit sins against them?

Our credit score restoration is a process for assisting you in making negative credit events “invisible” on your credit reports. If they cannot be seen, they do not affect your FICO score. Would you like to see your credit score go up 60 - 120 points? There is no guarantee that this will happen; however, the system works and has success-fully increased the FICO credit scores of countless customers by an average of 60 - 120 points. We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to challenge the credit bureaus and win, getting those negative entries removed and restoring your good credit. This process takes several months to complete but you will start seeing improvement to your credit score in as little as 30 days after starting the process.

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