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Creditor Deterrence

This Module is designed to force your creditors and collection agencies to back off and cease collection activities against you.


Have you been dragging your heels? Have you waited just a little too long to take positive steps toward resolving your debt? Have you already begun receiving calls from collection agencies and letters from attorneys? The next steps will be law suits, hours in attorney's offices and courtrooms, and wage garnishment; unnecessarily wasting your good time and putting your assets at risk. You need not suffer through this as there is still time to control your creditors while you regain control of your life.

This Module is designed to keep you, our client, away from the courthouse steps; out of court with creditors. It is useless for them to waste additional resources, useless to proceed to win in court, useless to garnish wages. Most creditors will cease collection attempts once they see these protections in place (See the “Here’s Proof” link for details). Even if some sue you, it simply won’t matter and will not be worth the effort or waste of their resources. In their eyes, you are “uncollectable”.

We deal with your creditors so you can deal with your life. The Collections Shield™ has numerous means of legally impeding harassment and other deceptive practices regularly used by creditors. Situations vary as do remedies in various cases and jurisdictions. Depending upon the nature of your debt and efforts to collect from you, the program has in place numerous programs and remedies to enable your return to financial health.

Our Customer Service department is available to you to help you deal with your creditors from a position of strength. You are invited to contact them whenever assistance is needed. Our pledge is to do our best to convince creditors of the difficulty in proceeding against you, thereby enabling a satisfactory resolution of the claim.

Be aware up to 90 days is required to get the full protection of this Module in place. However, even if you were handed a summons today, it is not too late. But you must not delay; your creditors will not stop until we stop them, properly and legally, calmly and surely.

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