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Telephone Privacy

This Module is designed to get those annoying and abusive collectors off the phone with you and with us instead.


Once you become a member of the Collections Shield™ you will not be afraid to answer your telephone for fear of it being a creditor or debt collector looking for money. In fact, within 72 hours of joining your phones will stop ringing and you can regain your peace of mind. First of all, we will show you how to forward just those collection calls you are trying to avoid to our Telephone Privacy center. Then, we will issue you your own exclusive number just for your creditors to call. You simply send them a change notice that you have a new number. Since this number will be answered by a live person, they will soon stop calling your other numbers all together.

Not only does the Telephone Privacy program intercept collector phone calls, it also prevents inadvertent disclosure of important information by you or your family on the phone. You will not have to feel like a prisoner in your own home ever again. All of your collection phone calls will be answered by our trained staff who know exactly what to say and as these representatives do not have your personal information, they cannot disclose anything creditors don’t already know. This is the key to keeping your private information private. We don’t represent you with your creditors and collectors, we simply say that you are not available and offer to take a mes-sage. This wastes a tremendous amount of their time and forces them to deal with you in writing, which we take care of in the Collections Response module.

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